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    Anyone who has ever performed in front of a group has felt the symptoms associated with stage fright: sweaty palms, racing pulse, light-headedness, distraction, forgetfulness or out-of body experience. Stage fright is natural - a chemical reaction in the body due to a release of adrenaline - and there are steps you can take to manage it.

   When faced with fearful situations the body responds with a range of symptoms that are a part of a survival response. The physical response to excitement is exactly the same. The only difference between fear and excitement is the way you interpret your reaction.

   Here are some ways you can manage your anxiety, to execute your performance as planned and to avoid sabotaging your self-confidence: Be prepared. Know your material and find as much time as needed to practice. Choreography should be performed with ease, automatically, without hesitation. If you are doing a spontaneous performance, at least listen to and memorize your music. Write a list of everything you will be taking to the show and assemble it the day before. Double-check the list before leaving. Know the directions to the show site. Don't sabotage yourself before you even get there!



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